7th Sep

Caspio – Why should we use?

Overview Presentation

Caspio is an online database software that is easy to use and maintain. It is also a cloud platform where even non-IT business users can create custom database applications. Through Caspio Bridge web software, companies can easily upload their MS Access database and other data sources from the desktop to a web server and develop forms, reports, and other web applications with the help of wizards. It also provides widgets that can access data from a different data server or provide instant apps that are ready to use.

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Caspio provides a point-and-click and wizard-based development interface that can help ordinary users create online database forms and reports fast. Users can select different form elements, cascading fields, character- or voice-CAPTCHA verification, and flexible layouts. It can also use conditional rules, pass parameters, put automatic values like time stamps, and send automatic notification emails. It offers pre-configured reports or allows users to generate their own with different charts and advanced calculations and groupings. It can rapidly deploy web applications on websites, blogs, or social network sites.

Caspio has set the standard for bringing data to life on the web. You can easily convert spreadsheets and databases into rich, interactive, web-based reports that are accessible from anywhere by the public or by authorized users. Over 80% of the largest U.S. news websites use Caspio to publish open government databases and other databases to their extensive user-base.

Forms are an integral part of any business process. With Caspio, you can easily create custom database driven forms of any level of complexity. Caspio-powered forms are feature-rich and highly versatile.

Caspio includes the entire stack needed for creating and operating business applications, including the database, which is at the core of every application. We use one of the most powerful and secure database technologies available.

Whether your application is used by a few people or by thousands, Caspio provides user management capabilities with built-in automation and flexible customization.

Never before could you expect so much control and so much capability out of your application environment on its first day.

Use the most advanced and complete array of application deployment options. Your applications will work wherever you deploy it, on any web site, CMS, portal, or directly from Caspio.

Maximize your application’s value by incorporating other services or internal systems into your apps. Caspio has built-in integration with many products and services, and custom integration is possible with well-established methods.

We take the security and reliability of your data and applications very seriously. It’s woven into our DNA, and it is shown in our infrastructure investment, internal policies, and employee training.

Caspio is designed and built around open standards and the best technologies, and meets some of the most stringent compliances, such as HIPAA for healthcare applications.

Target Market

Caspio database platform is ideal for small- to mid-sized enterprises that want to keep IT and database costs down by using online alternatives. The highly intuitive interface makes it usable by anyone, although an understanding of database concepts, UI design and business process will maximize its offered features. Large corporations with certain compliance requirements can also choose to have on-premise installations.

Supported Languages

This online database platform supports English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Russian and Simplified Chinese. Adding languages is an option.

Some of their Clients

Clients include ABC News, Barnes & Noble, Stanford University, Bayer, ESPN, Box, The Washington Post, Verizon, The New York Times Company, AMA, and UPS.